How to Claim your Burn Tokens

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your Dapp wallet used for Presale.

3. Check your contribution & claimable tokens, then proceed to click “Claim Burn

4. Confirm the transaction to claim your tokens.

5. Check your wallet address in Bscscan once your transaction is confirmed. You can find your claimed tokens. Now it’s your turn to hold & earn BNB/ETH/MATIC.

6. Use “Add Customer Token” Option for adding the tokens into your wallets. These are the valid Smart contract addresses, you can use that add your tokens into the wallets.

BSC: 0xd7B6FA0Db2A334A92f5151759784f18203B6382F

MATIC: 0x48d9c8778af930ccb9ccd7ba15ff53ac724495ce

ETH: 0x80d3fd6D083a00536Ace08CA550D583012e5b9A3