Burn Protocol’s No Loss Jackpot: Everything You Need To Know

If you have always wanted to participate in a lottery without buying a ticket, our No Loss Jackpot is your best bet. Yes, you lose nothing by taking part in the lottery.

Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about the Game of Dragons jackpot.

How to Participate

By either buying, selling, or transferring $BURN tokens between wallets, you’re automatically taking part in our Jackpot. That’s why it’s called a No Loss Jackpot — no lottery tickets are required. So if you win, it’s really a nice bonus. But if you don’t win, you lose nothing.

The Prize

The No Loss Jackpot pot is preloaded with 40% of the total $BURN supply, which is 400 trillion $BURN. To spice things up, 1% of transactions are added to the No Loss Jackpot pot.

A winner will take 10% of the entire pot. Another 10% of the No Loss Jackpot pot is burned, reducing the total supply of $BURN. That makes the lottery adds to the deflationary measures of Burn Protocol & the 80% will be moved to the

How The No Loss Lottery Works

Everyone that makes a $BURN transaction — purchase, sale, or wallet transfer — automatically enters for the No Loss Jackpot.

The Game of Dragons has a 6-hour window. Though the timer is set for 6 hours, $BURN transactions that happen during that period extend the lottery beyond that timeline by a few seconds.

Transaction of Every 25 Million $BURN Token increases 1 second. if you do a transaction of 250 Million $BURN Tokens, the timer will increase 10 seconds.

25 Million $BURN Tokens = 1 Sec

250 Million $BURN Tokens = 10 Sec

2.5 Billion $BURN Tokens = 100 Sec (1.66667 Minute)

25 Billion $BURN Tokens = 1000 Sec (16.6667 Minute)

Note: Polygon & ETH Jackpot Logic is same. But the timer will be 4x times due to network fee and lower user base.

To win the No Loss Jackpot, your transaction must be the curtain closer. That means your $BURN transaction must be the last before the lottery timer hits zero. Surely there’s going to be a flurry of transactions that happen as the timer nears the 00:00:00 mark, but that’s why it’s a game of luck. When the timer reaches Zero from 6 hours, the last person who bought or sold or transferred the BURN tokens will win the Massive Jackpot. Of course, you can increase your chance of winning by conducting more transactions — more purchases, sales, or wallet transfers.

Thanks to blockchain technology, the current winning wallet address is displayed for everyone to see. So there’s no need for second-guessing if you are the current winner, making it easier to put more effort.

The No Loss Jackpot Pot continues to get rolled over with the bulk of the initial pot still up for grabs in subsequent events.

Remember, it’s all about $BURN transactions, not lottery tickets so you technically lose nothing.

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