Burn Protocol Weekly Digest - 20th June 2021

Hey Dragons,

It has been a long week for Burn Protocol and dragons in general. Unsure of what’s happening? Let’s help you catch up on all the activities on Burn Protocol and the expectations for the platform. Here we go!

BURN Presale Ongoing

Though the BURN presale seeks to raise funds for the Burn Protocol’s eventual kick-off, it’s a community-driven project. Anti-whale features have been introduced into the smart contract, so transactions above 0.1% of the BURN supply are properly penalized.

The presale is expected to run for 5 days from commencement. So if you still on the fence, you know what to do. Still we have another 24 hours to participate. Check this article for more details: https://burnprotocol.medium.com/how-to-participate-in-the-burn-protocol-presale-8fd56a110614

BURN Army Campaign

Many community members put in their best, but there can only be one winner.

The No Loss Jackpot

The No Loss Jackpot only requires conducting a BURN transaction within the lottery timeframe and the last transaction conducted takes the price.

Well, the Game of Dragons is coming soon — at least once dragons have their $BURN. Token claim after a successful purchase is expected to commence on the 23rd of June, 2021.

Transaction fees sharing

Listings around the corner

BURN listing on centralized exchanges is expected to follow afterward. Indexing of BURN will also take place, ensuring enhanced visibility in the crypto space.

Audits in progress

BurnSwap is coming



Burn charity

NFT Marketplace

Auto LP + Auto Stake + Auto Burn + Zero Loss Jackpot Pool + Earn BNB/ETH/MATIC just by holding #BURN Token